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The Nazi Assault on London
Part 1

On the 24th August 1941 the German assault was renewed. The Nazis were clearly taken aback at the resistance of the valiant and heavily out numbered British fighter squadrons. Marshal Goering was infuriated by the British pilots stubbornness and was determined to put them out of the battle once and for all.

He sent over formations of bombers smaller than before, but more heavily escorted; and these directed their attacks against the British airfields not only in the southeast but farther inland and on a wider front.

Though these attacks did great damage the British had dispersed their aircraft and also made sure the runways were repaired with almost miraculous swiftness. It seemed to all that the British defense had not weaken, but the War Office and the Prime Minister Winston Churchill knew that the RAF could not keep this up and were really near the end.

Between August 24 and September 6 the Nazis delivered 35 attacks against British airfields. The British lost 219 aircraft, of which the pilots of 132 landed safely. The German losses were 378 planes.

On September 7 the German tactics were again changed. The bomber force was now concentrated on London. What may have been the purpose of this we cannot tell for certain, for the aerodrome attacks had not succeeded in their aim of giving the Germans unchallenged air superiority.

The Nazis hoped to force the British into surrender by a deadly and bitter assault on the British capital!

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