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The Great Battle of Britain
Part 1

To Adolf Hitler, the Nazi Party and the German High Command it all now seemed that the Second World War was going to plan and would be a short victorious war for the German Socialists as they felt they were entering the last stage.

Indeed the Dutch and the Belgians had had to surrender against the lightning speed, force and numbers of the German Nazi army. Norway and Denmark had fallen into German hands and the once strong French army had been almost entirely crushed with their British allies having been driven quite literally into the sea.

Now as the Fuhrer stood on the other side of the British channel it looked to all that it only remained now for the Nazis to invade and conquer Great Britain and the war would be won by the forces of National Socialism within a year.

Not since that once mighty Spanish Armada set sail from Cadiz in 1588 had Great Britain been ever confronted by such a peril as that which swept upon her in July 1940.

A great German army was concentrated in the ports of Western Europe and fleets of barges were assembled in the French ports to ferry the conquering army across the Channel to the defiant, and the Nazis believed ... weak Britain.

Then on the 8th August 1941, the enemy's mighty air force, the proud and so far unstoppable Luftwaffe that had crushed all before it, went into action to prepare the way. This was now the start of one of the world's greatest battles and a battle not just of a nation, but of their way of life and democracy. This was to be ... “The Battle of Britain”.

The German army realized that before they could land it would be necessary to sink or at least immobilize the ships of the Royal Navy which might oppose the crossing as well as destroying Britain's coastal convoys and above they had to destroy the over stretched Royal Air Force.

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