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The Cool Pilot X site about the World War Two Battle of Britain

To you all, just enjoy the site that's why I created it!

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Fighter Pilots in World War Two by Bruce Barrymore Halpenny
Fighter Pilots in World War II by Bruce Barrymore Halpenny and published by Pen & Sword, is the story of Allied fighter pilots and the part they played in all the principal operational theatres of World War II.

It also tells of life on the wartime airfield and how ground crew kept the aircraft ready for action either in the bitter cold of a Scottish winter or the sweltering heat of the North African desert.
The book brings home the nervous strain caused by the constant readiness demanded by all those involved with fighter squadron combat and the intense comradeship created in each fighting unit.

There are many 1st hand accounts from pilots and ground crew captivating the real life drama, hardships and humour of aviation in the Second World War.

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