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Well there is a fair bit about me, but to condense it down...

On leaving school I became a Professional Artist, Illustrator & Cartoonist, which was no big surprise to everyone as I had done Literature & Art (especially Cartoons) throughout my childhood (not hard to see why when both my parents are writers), and so it seemed only natural to make it my career (though I did want to be also a pilot when I was nine years old). Barons Pen is Peerless - Grimsby Evening Telegraph - 15 June 1987

After all when I was just starting in my career as a Professional Illustrator & Cartoonist, the Grimsby Evening Telegraph wrote a piece about me and my Work with the heading "Baron's Pen is Peerless", so it was pretty clear which route I was taking (and what tools I favoured).

Literature, and Art are my passions and what I am naturally comfortable with (alongside other interests such as Wolves, Dogs, the Countryside, etc).

Top-flight honour for schoolboy - Front Page - Lincolnshire Standard - 13 December 1985

Isle of Man Philatelic Bureau

While still at school (I was 14 years old) I did a special Isle of Man Douglas DC-3 first day cover for the Isle of Man Philatelic Bureau, and I was in several papers for doing this, including being on the front page of my regional paper.

I have always been interested in Painting and Drawing from my acrylic and oil paintings through to Graphic Design, Cartoons and Illustrations, in particular, of course, my Cartoons, which I like doing in the traditional Black & White, Pen & Ink.

Architecture in Italy

Also for a time in the late 1980's I did Architecture in Italy with Nicola di Renzo at Techno Consult. This was a wonderful time, which gave me some useful skills, but a life of just drawing buildings was not what I was looking for, though the knowledge has been very useful.

Artistic Flair and Skill

All I have done professionally has been connected by way of writing, painting, or drawing and always an advancement forward as new skills and knowledge are acquired. In Art, as in most things in life, you always keep learning and improving.

I do Illustrations and Cartoons for a broad spectrum; however, I started in the traditional way and still love creating "real" pictures with my pens, brushes and pencils etc. I use some software for wording and to put into digital form my original artwork, but that's about it.

I have never been one to follow convention and believe that you should follow your passion as long as it doesn't harm others. Writing, Cartoons and Illustrations I find really enjoyable and with all Art, you never cease to keep learning. In Art I tend to focus now, more on my Paintings, Illustrations & Cartoons.

For those that want a clarification of Graphic Design, I have given it here! So now you know.


It was also while in Italy as a young lad that I became interested in the Wolf and nature, which was to lead later to becoming involved in Wolf organisations and projects. I also wrote the book "Ways of the Wolf", which tells you a bit about Wolves and also shows the falseness of the myths created that put the Wolf in a bad light. Wolves are important to our eco system.

And as I point out in my book, for those that say that I wouldn’t feel that way if I lived near wild wolves, for the record, I have.

Well that's a little bit about me, but you can get to know more through the pages of my Website.


    Baron Barrymore Halpenny

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Baron Barrymore Halpenny - Illustrator and Cartoonist

Baron Barrymore Halpenny - Illustrator and Cartoonist
Baron Barrymore Halpenny - Illustrator and Cartoonist
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Baron Barrymore Halpenny - Illustrator and Cartoonist